Sometimes a fallen tree trunk or branch will embark on an odyssey far away from where the tree was initially originated. Rivers that flow through or near forests tend to collect and carry those pieces of dead trees seaward, creating buildups that have existed for million years. Some of the driftwood may eventually continue out to sea, while other pieces stick around in a river estuary, delta or the shoreline.
The surprising beauty and aesthetic quirks of the driftwood designs are abstract effects of the natural forces a particular piece of wood has been through during its long journey.
Our wide range of unique accent furniture and stunning art objects, sculptures and decorative accents created out of driftwood by talented artists and artisans around the world are made of a selected piece by piece driftwood that has been washed onto a shore of a river or lake.
Depending on the complexities of the design, these objects creation take a long time to select driftwood pieces and many days and hours to complete.
No two pieces of driftwood are the same, so each object, even that of the same design is unique and carry its thousand years of history.

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